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Hoiana Shores Golf Club

    დაარსდა 2017, ჰოიანა ცნობილია როგორც ვიეტნამის ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე პოპულარული ტურისტული-ატრაქციონები. არის ტურიზმის ადგილები, რთული საკურორტო კომპლექსი, და საცხოვრებელი ქონება.

    მრავალი მიზეზი არსებობს, რის გამოც ამ ტურისტულმა ადგილმა პოპულარობა მოიპოვა, და არ შეიძლება უარყო, რომ ჰოიანა შორესის გოლფის კლუბი არის ერთ-ერთი მთავარი მიზეზი.

    As you already know, golf is a sport where you can make friends and develop your social relationships while having fun. In the west, it is extremely popular with businessmen for this very reason. ცოტა ხნის წინ,, golf has successfully made its way to becoming more prevalent in Vietnam.

    Vietnam today is considered to be a market of course development being eyed on the most in the world. ყოველივე ამის შემდეგ, golf is a sport for the rich, and that means lots of money-making potentials. Investors have noticed this and have been trying to develop more golf clubs to meet people’s needs.

    Regardless, not all of our golf clubs can meet the international standards that professional players are familiar with, but Hoiana Shores Golf Club can. Let’s take a look at the information I’m about to provide you to see why.

    Hoiana Shores Golf Club Vietnam


    Hoiana Shores Golf Club is located in southern Hoi AnWorld Cultural Heritage recognized by UNESCO, შესახებ 8 kilometers away. If you go straight from Da Nang airport, it only takes 45 ე. It is thus convenient and accessible for well-heeled golf enthusiasts in Vietnam.

    It is adjoining the beach facing in the direction of the South China Sea, or the Eastern Sea as the Vietnamese call it. Being a links course, it is built into the natural terrain and open to the elements.

    More about Hoiana Shores Golf Club

    Hoiana Shores Golf Club is scheduled to open in mid-2019. It promises to bring a pleasurable feeling to golf players of all levels. The golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. – chairman and architect of RTJ II company.

    Robert Trent Jones Jr. has designed more than 280 golf courses in at least 40 ქვეყანა. Hoi An’s majestic nature has impressed him in his field trip to Vietnam, and he has a good feeling about this upcoming project located next to one of the most luxurious tourist areas in the world.

    Hoiana Shores Golf Club Vietnam

    დიზაინი თვისებები

    Hoiana Shores Golf Club is a links golf course which was built next to the beautiful coastline of the Eastern sea. A links course is an old style of golf course, derived from the courses common in Scotland, where golf originated. This type of course is loved by many golf players for the challenge they provide and for their incorporation into natural terrain.

    ‘The terrain here offers a soft and perfect landscape for the course’, ბატონი. Jones saidmeaning the seaside location south of Hoi An. The championship Hoiana course has 18 ხვრელების (plus a 19th ‘Gamblers’ hole) with par values of 71, total yardage of 7401 and a 6000 square meter clubhouse with 360-degree views of the site with limited vegetation and rolling dunes.

    Robert Trent Jones Jr. ‘s ambitionin keeping with the spirit of a links coursewas to do the least amount they could to the course, and if they have to, they’re just going to replicate what Mother Nature has already done to this place.

    The course building technique is to conserve the existing hillocks and sand pine terrain, therefore making holes play across the Casuarina trees and brush native.

    Par -4 16th hole is one of the most special holes of the course. It is located right on the water’s edge, promised to bring you a challenging-yet-rewarding feeling when playing. Other holes, especially the last ones, happen to appear along the seas and are played inside the shoreline dunes.

    სხვა მომსახურება


    With 6000 square meters in area, there is no doubt that Hoiana Shores Golf Course has one of the best clubhouses in Vietnam. It provides you with fantastic amenities that only a few clubhouses in Vietnam can manage to achieve.

    You will be thrilled not only by the excellent customer service of this clubhouse but also its delicate and luxurious design. Come and see it for yourself because seeing is believing.

    Hoiana Shores Golf Club Vietnam

    Pro მაღაზია

    The pro shop is built inside the clubhouse. It has a wide range of golf equipment, clothing, and accessories; including famous brands for both men and women.

    რესტორანი, ბარი, and Cafe

    Any high-end country club will have extensive, and tasteful, dining facilities. Hoiana is no exception. You are sure to enjoy the tastiest meals from reputable chefs when dining at Hoiana Shores Golf Club restaurant. Don’t forget to also try out the bar and cafe here.


    Hoiana Shores Golf Club is the perfect option if you’re looking for a first-class golf course to try out. It already has a reputation as a golf course claiming the title of the best in Vietnam, if not Asia.

    Tee time might be limited, and the cost might be a bit high, but given the reputation of the designer and the consideration given to its amenities, it will be worth it. Hoiana Shores Golf Club is a definite must play. Golf lovers, you’ve found the right place to test out your ability and reflect your tastes in golf.

    It is true to say that perhaps Hoiana Shores Golf Club is the only golf club in Southeast Asia to undertake a proper links design. I highly recommend this place due to its many amazing features that I mentioned above.

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    • Hoiana Shores Golf Club
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