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Yen Навоз курорт & Гольф-клуб


    Yen Навоз курорт & Golf Club – New Shining Site to Golf


    Yen Навоз курорт & Гольф-клуб in Bac Giang Province sounds news to the golf communities, и действительно, этот новый блестящий сайт гольф имеет полный потенциал, чтобы выиграть хвалит игроков. There are some big reasons why the so-called golfers should always play in this competent venue from now on, plus the fact that it’s well-equipped with excellent services, средства, and membership benefits.


    yen dung golf


    Топ 6 Reasons Why Choose Yen Dung Resort & Гольф-клуб


    Первый, Yen Dung Golf Course is the masterpiece of QNK Bac Giang Company. It is built on the magnificent Nam Bien Mountain, with the propitious status of being above the water and leaning against the mountain. According to Feng Shui concept, this geographical location can bring wealth and luck to the establishment. In the far north of Vietnam, the golf course is ensured to own spectacularly pristine landscapes that a few places can compare.


    второй, Yen Dung has an area of 183 га, с 36 отверстия. The extensive size of the golf course makes it an excellent place to show off your skills and fulfill the need of using the clubs to hit the hard ball to overcome the bunkers and into the challenging holes.


    В третьих, the nature-friendly design of the Yen Навоз курорт & Гольф-клуб helps the players to stay closest to Nature. Every detail is made harmonious to the natural sceneries and terraces. There you find the various gamut of feeling while you are sightseeing the picturesque landscapes, making the excellent putts, and unwinding with this luxurious game.


    Fourth, the upscale resort system inside the golf course guarantees your comfort and relaxation to the fullest. The modern, lovely and delicate designs and furniture used in each room makes your travel to Bac Giang and Yen Dung Golf Site second-to-none.


    Fifth, the feasible access to the venue can encourage the golfers. Only 50km from Hanoi to the north, equivalent to 50-minute drive, Yen Навоз курорт & Гольф-клуб is competent enough to become the highly attractive venue for the golf fanciers all over the world. You find NO discouragement to explore the new star.


    Sixth, you find no monotonous moment as there are up to 36 holes to conquer, of which 18 holes belong to Rock Valley and the other 18 holes are in Hillside. Among these, the Hole #18 is the longest one with 617 yards long, and Hole #13 is the shortest one with 177 yards long. Так, whatever your level of expertise, Yen Dung has the fine ground for you to putt well.


    Yen Dung Golf in Bac Giang


    The Highlights of Yen Dung Golf Course


    The new golf establishment owns the special and unique terrains which do not follow any rule. Each hole is arranged in the different heights while the golf routes are the helix with several surprising challenges. Кроме, you’ll be impressed by the outstanding lake design which is in the shape of the Legendary Turtle of the Vietnamese. In the Hole #4, you see the Green as the tortoiseshell, 5 bunkers as the tortoise’s head and the four legs. The whole green looks similar to the scene that the Turtle just moves out of the Lake.


    Think of golfing in the winds? Да, try it out in this course featured with the winds of Nature as you are playing in the high, spectacular, and mountainous location. The cool breeze of this mountainous landmark is on par with any sea-links golf course that you’ve ever appreciated. К тому же, you get the valuable opportunities to feast eyes with the imposing pictures of the Northern Vietnam Golf. Those pictures are peaceful, captivating, and exquisite. Each hole is overlooking the fantastic sights.


    Также, the high-class hospitality services in the Bungalows, Villas (из 240 или 400 квадратных метров), and other facilities of Clubhouse, Рестораны, Locker Rooms, Pro Shop, Джакузи, Спа, и т.д., make the packages in Yen Навоз курорт & Гольф-клуб full of enjoyment. Так, Гольф во Вьетнаме and have the enjoyable stop at Yen Dung soon!


    Yen Dung Golf in Bac Giang


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  • Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club
  • Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club
  • Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club

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