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Hilltop Valley Golf Club

    As time goes by, golf is no longer the sports for the upper class only. Nowadays, everyone can take up golf as a pastime activity, regardless of ages, sexes or social status. Among various golf courses out there, the Hilltop Valley golf club stands out with many remarkable points. If you are finding a suitable golf club to join, take a look at the Hilltop Valley in this article. We bet you will be more than surprised!

    Specific Location

    The Hilltop Valley golf club Vietnam is situated in Hoa Binh – a peaceful city adjacent to Hanoi. This is also the first golf club to open in Hoa Binh. From the capital city of Vietnam, you can reach the course either by Thang Long highway or Ho Chi Minh highway. It takes about 45 minutes to get there if you travel by private car.

    Your experience in the Hilltop Valley is worth the drive!

    Visiting there, you not only have a chance to join exciting rounds but also admire the magnificent natural landscapes of Vietnam. The breathtaking views of Ba Vi mountain and Da River will not let you down!

    Background Information

    The Hilltop Valley is part of the multinational Geleximco conglomerate. Besides the golf club, the Geleximco plans to build a small city in Hoa Binh with numerous amenities. In the future, players visit the club may have access to commercial centers, villas, as well as resorts.
    The Hilltop Valley is designed by IMG – one of the world’s most successful golf course design companies with 25 years experience. The company has accomplished many achievements, particularly in Asian countries including Vietnam, China, Singapore, etc.

    This company has designed a number of well-known golf clubs in Vietnam, namely Montgomerie Links, Bana Hills, etc. Therefore, set your heart at rest when it comes to the quality of the Hilltop Valley golf course.

    The construction for Hilltop Valley golf club Hoa Binh started in 2012, and the course is officially open for 18 holes at the end of 2018.

    Hilltop Valley Golf Club Specs

    There are 27 holes in total in the Hilltop Valley course; however, the last nine holes are still under construction. They are estimated to finish at the end of 2019; so stay tuned.

    The Hilltop Valley is a 71-par golf club stretching out an area of 7.002 yards. The green makes use of Sunday MiniVerde grass while Plateau is grown on the fairways. This variation will give players different feelings while playing a golf round.

    Along with the smooth grass, the wide fairways allow golfers to score a birdie at ease and enjoy a great round. Occasional miss-hit is no longer a problem!

    What Sets Hilltop Valley Apart From The Crowd?

    The answer may lie in the considerable elevation changes in the layout. Players will have the chance to play across various terrains in only one round. The details are as follows!

    The front nine holes wrap themselves around the green valley; note that there are three par-3 holes. There is a stream running across, which sometimes may cause golfers to lose points. Watch your steps while playing there.

    The back nine holes, which wind its way up the slope hills, are a real challenge. Focus on accuracy while playing if you aim to win a round.

    The 12th hole lies invitingly at the highest spot of the course. From there, you can take a panoramic view of the whole city of Hoa Binh. The picturesque scenery of mountains, valleys, streams as well as rivers is extremely pleasing to the eyes. However, do not let the spectacular landscapes distract you from the game!

    If following the holes, you will play your way towards the clubhouse. How convenient is it!

    Additional Services

    There is a wide range of quality services to meet the demands of players. In terms of food and beverage service, the Hilltop Valley golf club offers visitors the chance to dine in 5-star rating restaurants. There is also a private area in case you want to throw a BBQ party with your family or friends.

    What’s more? After some rounds, you can relax in two kiosks located at the 4th hole and the 15th hole. Snacks, drinks, and Wi-fi are always available there.

    What if your golf club breaks while playing? Do not worry! You can shop for one in the store situated in the main hall. The store provides everything related to golf, from clubs to uniforms. All the items on sale come from trustworthy brands worldwide so you can rest assured about the quality.

    Another plus of guest services in the Hilltop Golf Club is the spacious changing room. With 340 lockers for male and 80 for female, feel free to store your belongings there before playing. Of course, your items are kept 100% secure.

    To Sum Up

    The Hilltop Valley golf club is on its way becoming an attractive location for both sports and tourism sector alike. With the remarkable layout, spectacular scenery, modern facilities, and quality services, the club guarantees to offer you unique experience.

    Pack your belongings and visit the Hilltop Valley golf club now to enjoy some exciting rounds. If you have a good time there, do not forget to leave a comment to let us know!

    Ask us if you have any questions; We are more than willing to help. Do not forget to subscribe for more useful posts! Thank you for your reading.

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