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What to Know about Nha Trang City and Golf Scene

    Nha Trang City is a queen of the beach cities in Vietnam that remains marvelous, busy, and attractive to the beach lovers all over the world. This is the ideal seaside retreat as well as the top golf venue on the south-central coast of Vietnam. Following is all important information to know about this fantastic city and its luxurious golf scene.


    Nha Trang City by Night


    Nha Trang Location


    It is a coastal provincial capital city of Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. The destination is surrounded by Cam Ranh Town in the south, Dien Khanh District in the west, and Ninh Hoa Province in the north. Around 450km from Ho Chi Minh City, this beach retreat becomes the top-of-the-top tourist destination which is famous for bewitching islands, exciting Vinpearl Land, and impressive mountains. Geographically, Nha Trang City has three sides encompassed by the mountains, and the fourth side is enveloped by the immense island.


    Nha Trang Attractions to See


    • Vinpearl Land
      Vinpearl Land is a super modern recreational complex consisting of the 5-star systems with Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang and Vinpearl Amusement Park. This is the fantasy world of entertainment and relaxation that all travelers long for. The place offers the unique experiences in riding the Guinness 3.320m-long sea-crossing cable cars and the discovery of Amphitheater, Under Water World, Game World, Water Park, Food Village, Shopping Mall, and more. The 5-star accomplishment is where to get boundless joy and superb comfort. You’re likely to meet other tourists alike who are playing eagerly at Vinpearl Nha Trang. While kids and teenagers have much fun at the water parks and game world, the adults are happy with the food and shopping adventure. Everybody is happy there
    • Po Naga Cham Tower
      Dedicated to worshipping Goddess Yang Ino Po Nagar (Mother of the Champa Kingdom), the historical Po Naga Cham Tower was built during the Hindu era of the Champa. The system has the 23m-high tower (called Po Nagar Kalan) which embodies the holy Mount Meru. Also, there stands out the statue of the Goddess with the cross-legged sitting and 10 arms, of which each arm holds an object that represents power and wisdom. On an annual basis, the “Thap Ba” Festival is held in the 20th-23rd of the third lunar month, by the local Cham groups. The visit to antique Po Naga Cham Tower gives you a glimpse of the Cham’s religious site, the distinctive cultural discovery, and the back-in-time experiences.
    • Long Son Pagoda
      Long Son is an important pagoda in the city that enshrines the 24m-high white and seated Buddha statue. Pilgrims throughout Vietnam often get there to do homage to the revered Buddha statue as well as the monks and nuns who died for the revolution against the Diem regime. Nowadays, visitors can see the portraits of the historical monks and nuns carved at the base of the impressive statue. There are stories to tell about their courageous contributions. What’s more, the top of the mountain is ideal for sightseeing the panoramic beauty of the entire beach city. This place is consecrated, peaceful, and refreshing.
    • Islands in Nha Trang
      The most outstanding islands in Nha Trang should include the names of Hon Tre Island, Binh Ba Island, Hon Mun Island, Binh Hung Island, and Hon Lao Island. Also, there are many other pristine and charming islets to discover. Each site is recognizable for the specific characteristics. In particular, not only does Binh Ba Island win praises for its mesmerizing and clean seascape, but it is also famous for the yummy lobsters. Besides, Hon Tre Island is where hosts the celebrated Vinpearl Land. Arguably, Nha Trang is a paradisiac destination for various beach games like snorkeling, scuba diving, motorboat driving, and more.


    3 Fantastic Golf Courses in Nha Trang City


    • KN Golf Links Cam Ranh
      This is a new golf establishment opened in 2018 in the city that promises to attract more and more players who enjoy the incomparable Nha Trang Golf in Vietnam. KN Golf Links Cam Ranh is set outside the Cam Ranh International Airport, around the 5-minute drive from the airport and 20-minute drive from the city center. It offers the quick and easy access.About the top characteristics, this is the 18-hole, par-72 (7010 yards) course designed by the famous Greg Norman, who makes it the true links signature course on the summit of the rolling hills. KN Golf Links Cam Ranh is a part of the 800-hectare mega project including the high-class facilities and luxurious resort systems. Each playing route in this center is enjoyable with 5km ocean frontage in the picturesque Cam Ranh Bay, the spectacular coastal dunes, and the challenging hazards that stimulate players.Modeling the links course in Scotland, the layout of this course has no tree. Instead, the natural greenness covers shrubbery and grass while the fairways have the delicately cut Zoysia turf. There uses the Tiff-Eagle Bermuda turf to grass the greens in this high-end spot. The fantastic putts become possible thanks for the wind speed and supportive direction. Being next to the sea, so the natural wind is taken advantage of and smartly handled by the elevated holes, resulting in the real world-class golfing experiences.Managed by IMG, this golf links course runs every day and offers the 5-star support. Besides the international-standard course with high playability, the luxurious complex also provides:


    – The refined 600m2 clubhouse
    – Sumptuous resort and villa
    – Recreational zone, themed park, and marina
    – Restaurant, swimming pool, tennis, and massage


    KN Golf Links Cam Ranh


    • Diamond Bay Golf Resort
      Inaugurated in 2010, Diamond Bay Golf Resort is the first outstanding golf site established around 15 minutes away from the city center. Up to now, this golf course in Nha Trang City remains attractive to the international players who build their trust in its clean reputation. The designer of this course was Andy Dye who made it the challenging 18-hole place to hit the hard ball with the clubs. While the amateurs might find this course hard-to-defeat, the experts see it the right place to show off their skills, overcoming the sea wind and make the excellent putts.The elements of fairways, greens, and layout of this diamond course are praiseworthy and meet the international expectation. In particular, there use the Platinum TE Paspalum grass, the 300-yard driving range, the practice area, the reasonable bunkers, etc. In fact, Diamond Bay Golf & Villa is amongst the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam, which is picturesque sea view during every playing round. What’s more, the 5-star resort and the well-equipped clubhouse please even the most discerning guests. Considering it as the “real diamond” on the Nha Trang golf maps, you will be much interested in discovering this treasure.


    Diamond Bay Resort & Golf


    • Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang
      This is an 18-hole golf course as a part of the ritzy Vinpearl Resort on the stunning Hon Tre Island. From the Cam Ranh Airport, the venue takes 1 hour by car, and then the speedboat transfer. Without a doubt, the course delivers the enthralling Bay view from every hole that cheers up the golfers who are using the clubs to create accomplishments. Made by IMG Design, Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang possesses the amazing layout for the exhilarating rounds.The great features of the course are the marvelous scenery, the 300-yard driving range, the top playability, the practice zone, the necessary bunkers, the well-appointed clubhouse, the high-quality restaurant, etc. Naturally gifted, this area offers the cool sea breeze, the pure air, and the magnetic nature to marvel all guests. After hours of golfing in this Vinpearl center, people find it comfortable and happy to rest at the splendid resort system. If the budget can afford, there is no reason to refuse days in Vinpearl Golf Club in which you get treated like the prestigious guests who find nothing to complain or concern. Rather, the experience goes perfectly enjoyable and awesome.


    Vinpearl Golf Nha Trang


    When to visit Nha Trang City


    The beach city is warm and pleasant that urges people to get there throughout the year. And if you want to know the local typical seasons, here is a glimpse:


    •  May – August: When it is summer, the weather in Nha Trang usually becomes hot due to the extreme sun. These summer months are great for swimming and relaxing at the beaches and islands. That is why tourists travel to this destination, enjoy the beach, and savor ecotourism in the pristine islands. In particular, the two hottest months of the year are July and August which need ways to protect yourself from the scorching heat. Interestingly, the city has an island which remains cool all year round, which is Hon Ba Island – the perfect retreat to hide from the hot summer.
    • September – December: These months mark the autumn and wet time in the destination. The rain and the wind make it good to visit the certain attractions like Po Nagar Cham Tower, Vinpearl Land, or Bao Dai Village. The boat trips to offshore islands might be postponed due to the sudden storms or the heavy rain. Hence, if traveling between September and December, you should check the weather forecast the days before.
    • January – April: This is the best time to visit Nha Trang City thanks to the warm and delightful vibe. Particularly, February, March, and April deliver the moderate temperature and the perfect mixture of the sea, sand, and sun. The spring showers the city with the fresh and charming beauty that makes any day tour the exhilarating experience.


    Food in Nha Trang City


    Besides the enthralling beaches and islands, the fantastic Vinpearl Land, etc., Nha Trang City is also famous for the yummy seafood delicacies. Sample the local seafood is amongst the top things to do in this picturesque coastal city. With the fresh seafood ingredients, local chefs cook a variety of dishes to eat, and here are the most outstanding options.


    • Rice vermicelli with jellyfish (Bún Chả Sứa): This is a delicious vermicelli soup served with the broth of the steamed sailfish and jellyfish. Also, the fish soup can have some other ingredients of crab meat, pork, and shrimp that results in the sweet and delectable taste. The food might appear in another version called “Bún Chả Cá,” of which the fish sausage is made from sailfish and mackerel while the broth has the steamed pork bones, the head and bone of the fish. The bowl should be served with chili and sweet herb. To slurp the best soup bowl, just head to Bach Dang Street, Ngo Gia Tu Street, and Phan Boi Chau Street.
    • Seafood: Being rich in seafood, Nha Trang owns various dishes mainly made from the fresh fish, snail, shrimp, crabs, etc., which can be boiled, steamed, grilled, stir-fried, etc. The local street carts and eateries sell numerous seafood dishes to the visitors who can buy kilograms of the newly-caught seafood or the processed one like the steamed squid, the fish grilled with chili, salt, and the snails mixed with tamarind sauce.
    • Mini pancake (“Bánh Căn”): Including egg, shrimp, squid, and spring onions on the rice flour surface, these mini pancakes are so lovely and delicious that marvels the foodies in Nha Trang. Served with the fresh vegetables and dipped into the fish sauce, “Bánh Căn” is the popular snack that both locals and tourists appreciate. Note that the locals sell this food in pairs as the cake is quite small. You can choose the versions of meat and seafood, or the one of only quail eggs, just tell the street vendors!
    • Pancake with Squid (“Bánh Xèo Mực”): This is the larger version of “Bánh Căn” which shares some characteristics like the crispy taste, the squid ingredient, the vegetables and the sweet-and-sour fish sauce to eat with, etc. The sizzling squid pancake brings the seafood-rich taste to the connoisseurs who enjoy the crunchy pieces amid the windy and imposing coastal city. This bring is greatly culinary experience of a lifetime.
    • The pan-fried snails (“Ốc Chảo”): This is one of the most traditional food in Nha Trang. Many kinds of snails are pan-fried over the coal stoves that deliver the aromatic scent and attractive look. The nutrient and fresh snails will turn to be the mouth-watering food, from escargot to periwinkle, and various other versions. This is the snail world that you’re looking for. The attractive snails on the sufficient pans, the magical fish sauce, etc., which urge people to taste the snails of various types and get the unforgettable time.
    • Grilled pork roll (“Nem Nướng”): With the inviting scent and scrumptious flavor, the grilled pork roll of Nha Trang is the leading street food. It should be served with the fresh vegetables and the fish sauce. There are two popular versions: the fermented pork roll and the grilled pork roll. Through the handmade processing, the “Nem” is soft, different, and tasty. The Ninh Hoa’s grilled pork roll is the great ingredient to mix with the stuffed rolled cakes; the ensemble also covers the pickled carrot, peanut, cucumber, spring onion, and vegetable for complete deliciousness.


    Other Tourism Services in Nha Trang City


    To better serve the tourists, the queen beach city owns some fantastic services of accommodation, recreation, and food supply. There, you find the exciting packages of spa and mud bathing in Nha Trang. You sit in a tub of mud which is so good for the physical and mental health that makes this service the quintessence to try in the beautiful city. This also brings the healing effects, such as the salty mineral water and mud baths can remove the dead skin cells, strengthen the bones, decrease fatigue, make the skin smooth, etc. Good addresses for mud bathing are Thap Ba Hot Spring and 100 Egg Mud Bath Park.


    What’s more, the destination has remarkable places for karaoke, casino, upscale restaurants and hotels of the 3 to 5 stars, and various recreational establishments (for scuba diving, motorboat riding, parasailing, and so on). All ensure that every second past is the memorable and thrilling moment. The city is quite dynamic during days and nights. While some guests enjoy the cozy rest, tasty food, singing karaoke, and gambling in the splendid buildings, others go out to the exquisite beaches and indulge in swimming, parasailing, conquering the sea waves with the motorboat, or playing whatever game they like. Amidst the stunning beaches, trauma just vanishes like a buddle, and you can return with the new and glad self.


    With so many highlights, Nha Trang City is an amazing city to visit. The top attractions, excellent golf courses, seafood-rich cuisine, amazing games, and more, all call you to get there soon for the happy Nha Trang golf tour packages. Whether you choose to play at KN Golf Links Cam Ranh, Diamond Bay Golf Resort, or Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang, each is the high-class sports venue designed by the legendary golf characters who combine the world-recognized expertise with the beautiful coastal scenery. Go there, look and feel, and evaluate if these golf sites are worth visiting over and over again.


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