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Where To Find Your Perfect Stay And Play Golf Packages In Hanoi



    Located in the North, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam since 1976. It is simply where all the best things in all categories gather. And for golf lovers, Hanoi is among the top destinations in Vietnam that you have to discover at least once. In this article, we’ll help you sort out what and where to organize your best stay and play golf packages in Hanoi.


    stay and play golf packages in Hanoi


    Geographic Location and Airline Transportation of Hanoi


    Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, and Vinh Phuc border on each other up North. Whereas, Hanoi shares borders with Hoa Binh, Ha Nam in the South and Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang in the East. The capital’s west wing is bounded with Hoa Binh and Phu Tho.


    Hanoi contributes greatly to the growth of the entire country thanks to a variety of commercial centers, residential and industrial areas linked to each other by interlacing transportation systems. Noi Bai International Airport opens more opportunities for the grand city to further reach out to the world and vice versa.


    There is a variety of airlines with direct flight paths (both domestic and international) to Hanoi. Some domestic direct flight paths include Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi, Danang – Hanoi, Nha Trang – Hanoi, Hue – Hanoi, Phu Quoc – Hanoi, etc. And some international direct flight paths include London – Hanoi, Singapore – Hanoi, Paris – Hanoi, Bangkok – Hanoi, Seoul – Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur – Hanoi, etc.


    Best Tourist Attractions in Hanoi


    Historical Sites


    ● Ba Dinh Mausoleum: This is the resting place of the President and National Hero – Ho Chi Minh, and the symbol of the national unity. The Ba Dinh square, where important events and parades occasionally take place, is also nearby.
    ● Hoa Lo Prison: The French-built complex was used to imprison the American POWs. Its other name is Hanoi Hilton – called by these POWs. Nowadays, this historical place is used to exhibit the spirited Vietnamese’s relentless fight for freedom from France.
    ● Flag Tower: This 200-year-old construction is one of Hanoi’s symbols. The tower is one of those ancient, fortunate structures which weren’t destroyed during the invasion of the French. Once used as an observatory, today the Flag Tower offers a marvelous view for any visitor standing on it.


    Cultural Sites


    ● Temple of Literature: A perfect place for visitors who are interested in the traditional style of Vietnamese architectures. First founded as a university and to honor Confucius in 1070 AD, this ancient site is miraculously well-preserved after all these eventful centuries.
    ● Bat Trang Pottery Village: Seven centuries have passed since this artful village was established. And yet, the main purposes of this clay-rich land haven’t changed much: to create fine ceramics from dining items to decoration and worshiping articles. Moreover, visitors can get hands-on experiences in creating their own ceramic souvenirs.
    ● Thang Long Water Puppet Theater: Possessing a millennium’s worth of history, water puppetry is one of Vietnam’s unique traditional arts. And what would be more entertaining than getting to enjoy some performances in the land where it was born in?


    Religious Sites


    ● Ngoc Son Temple: Surrounded by the tranquil Hoang Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple sits atop a small island in the center of the lake. The temple was built in the 18th century in commemoration of General Tran Hung Đao. Visitors can cross the bridge of Welcome Morning Sunlight to approach the complex of Ngoc Son Temple, including the ink-slab, the Pen Tower, the Moon Contemplation Pavilion, and the Pavilion against Waves.
    ● Saint Joseph Cathedral: The neo-gothic style of a Roman Catholic cathedral was built in 1882 and considered the Paris’ Notre Dame of Vietnam. Though takes on a Western appearance, the cathedral’s interior core is decorated in Vietnamese style with the typical yellow and red colors. This holy place is always crowded with Christians, as well as non-Christians citizens, or couples to either attend the religious events or to take wedding photos.
    ● The Perfume Pagoda: It was built circa 17th century and about 70km away from Hanoi. This is actually a complex of shrines and temples scattering about Huong Tich Mountain, as well as into its cave (which is promoted as the most exquisite cave in the North). In the heart of the caved complex stands the sacred Perfume Temple – a.k.a. Huong Pagoda or Inner Pagoda.


    Best Golf Courses in Hanoi


    This is the most crucial stage in the whole process of planning any stay and play golf packages in Hanoi.


    BRG Kings Island Golf Club


    The impressive golf resort complex is situated on the outskirts of Hanoi and about 45 minutes’ worth of driving away from the city center. Among other well-equipped facilities and amenities (i.e., clubhouses, restaurants, caddies, bunkers, fairways, etc.), the resort contains 3 main golf courses:


    ● Lakeside Course: This is the oldest course of King Island resort. Opened in 1993, the 6457-yard golf course contains 18 holes and 72 pars. This is a creation of Robert McFarland.
    ● Mountain View Course: This second-oldest golf course was designed by Pacific Coast Design and has been opened for golfers worldwide since 2004. It is 7100 yard in area with 18 holes and 72 pars.
    ● Kings Course: Newly opened in 2018, this 7310-yard, 18-hole, par-72 course was designed by Jack Nicklaus. Out of the three courses in BRG Kings Island Golf Club, this is the only golf course that needs boats to reach.


    Kings Island Golf Club


    Tam Dao Golf Resort


    A little farther away from Hanoi – about 65-68 km into the Tam Dao Mountain, Tam Dao Golf Resort is the ideal place for golfers who are looking for a challenging day. The location itself is already picturesque with many lakes, creeks, and streams coupling with mighty mountain rows background.


    For the vast golf course, it was designed by IMG corp. and spreads out about 7200 yards, containing 18 holes, 72 pars, and 4 tee positions. Grounds for other sports (e.g., swimming, tennis) also included.


    Because the golf course is in a resort complex, exhausting golfers can take a spa or sauna session after an exhausting round. The clubhouse, restaurant, and Pro-shop are always ready to serve. Moreover, the nightlight systems have brought enjoyable and convenient experiences for nighttime golfers, ever since they were introduced in July of 2015.


    Tam Dao Golf Resort



    Long Bien Golf Course


    Long Bien Golf Course is only less than 30 minutes away to the South of Hanoi. Designed by Nelson Hayworth, the layout of this spectacular golf course spans 7201/3610 yards and contains 27 holes, par 72/36, Paspalum fairways, bunkers, tee boxes, etc.


    The course is also known for its well-trained caddies, bigger clubhouse, better facilities, and amenities. There’re enough supplied for golfers in the Pro-shop, and both golfers and non-golfers can enjoy spa sessions in the clubhouse. Or, if they’re hungry, be served with various dishes in the main restaurant.


    The climate is always fresh and agreeable here thanks to the course’s favorable location: being near and surrounded by the Dong Nai River. So, if nothing else, the natural sceneries here can help relax even the most troubled minds.


    Long Bien Golf Course


    Sky Lake Golf Resort


    A one-hour drive – about 40 to 45km away from the center of Hanoi, situated the Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club. Relatively newly established (since 2012), this particular course is the work of Mr. Ahn Moon Hwan, a Korean architect.


    The whole complex consists of a total of 36 holes, par 72, and spreads out 7267 yards – restaurants, spa, and clubhouse included. The course itself is long and challenging due to many lakes with mountain surroundings. Not to mention, the holes are all routed over the up-and-down hills.


    With such championship level (i.e., hard level) golf, the Sky Lake Golf Resort is sure an interesting challenge for any golf-lover. The restaurant in the clubhouse serves mainly Korean dishes. After a tiring round, participators can enjoy their food while admiring the serene landscapes surrounding the property.


    The Sky Lake Golf Resort won the awards of Best Championship Course in Vietnam in 2015. In the same year, it was also ranked #5 of Best Course in Vietnam.


    Sky Lake Golf Resort


    Van Tri Golf Club


    This might be the perfect golf course for golfers who can’t wait to arrive in Hanoi right after the plane landed. That’s because Van Tri Golf Club locates pretty near Noi Bai airport – only about 20km from Noi Bai Highway and Hanoi center.


    Establish in 2007 and designed by Peter Rousseau, Van Tri Golf Club is the first private, exclusive golf estate in Vietnam. As such, 400 is the maximum number of members allowed to ensure the best services and experience for all privileged guest.


    And it’s worth it. For the tee boxes, fairways, 18 holes, 72 pars, etc. scattered about 7601 yards are excellently maintained. Van Tri Golf Club also offers golf school and private tutoring services for all members to enroll in its golf academy.


    There’re the pro-shop, locker room, and restaurants in the clubhouse. The food here comes from both Vietnamese and international cuisine.


    Van Tri Golf Club


    Weather in Hanoi


    Distinct Seasons


    The weather in Hanoi is generally divided into 2 tropical monsoon seasons: the dry season (October – April) and the rainy season (January – September). However, since Hanoi is north of the equator, besides those seasons, the capital gets to experience all four seasons.


    Best Time of Year to Play Golf in Hanoi


    Here’s how four seasons in Hanoi regularly take turn. Let’s see which one is the perfect time to organize your plan.


    ● Spring: February to April, averagely at 15-20°C. Light bouts of rain make the air wet and humid.
    ● Summer: May to August, averagely at 32°C and gets hottest in July. Heavy downpours cause high humidity during this time of year. If you love sunny days, you will find it interesting to organize your stay and play golf packages in the summer.
    ● Fall: Mid-September to November, averagely at 25°C. Dry-clear sky and cool, comfortable temperature. It is obviously the perfect time to play golf in Hanoi.
    ● Winter: December to (maybe) late February, averagely at 10-17°C and below. High humidity and bitter cold. It never snows though, no matter how cold. So, some golfers may find it still agreeable, but obviously not the ideal time to play golf.


    Best Sites to Stay and Enjoy in Hanoi


    Hanoi Hotels


    As the Vietnam’s capital with various tourist attractions, Hanoi naturally has many high-grade hotels inside and around.


    Some outstanding names are Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel, InterContinental Hanoi Westlake, Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi, etc.




    Ranging from simple stalls of street food to fancy restaurants, eating places are very easy to find in Hanoi. They are extremely various in dishes and prices. Some prominent names are Bun Cha Huong Lien, Porte D’Annam, Madame Hien, KOTO, Essence, Quan An Ngon, etc.


    What about the most interesting part when talking about restaurants and foods? Yes, here are the best dishes in Hanoi that you must try:


    ● Rice Noodle Soup (Pho): This is probably the most famous food when it comes to Hanoi cuisine. You can find a bowl of Pho anywhere, from street vendors to luxurious restaurants. The dish is usually served with chicken or beef, and eaten with bean sprouts, herbs, sriracha and Hoisin sauce. Eat them all in one bite, and you will find the maximum tastiness.
    ● Vermicelli & Tofu with Shrimp Paste (Bun Dau Mam Tom): Most visitors find this dish quite strong in flavor, but many love it after the first try. The dish is the combination of vermicelli noodle cut into cubes, boiled pork, fried tofu, fishcakes, herbs and vegetables. These are then eaten with shrimp paste which is super pungent.
    ● Steamed Rice Roll (Banh Cuon): This dish is made from minced pork and chopped mushroom wrapped in steamed rice paper. Because the rolls themselves are very light in taste, you will need to eat them with a small bowl of fish sauce mixed some chopped chili, garlic, red hot pepper, and unripe papaya. Fresh herbs are also served alongside.
    ● La Vong Grilled Fish (Cha ca La Vong): This dish has been existed for over 70 years. La Vong grilled fish is made from a fish called hemibagrus (“cá lăng” in Vietnamese). After fleshing the fish, people grill its meat with oil and dill. Then it is served with vermicelli noodle, vegetables and shrimp paste.
    ● Sticky Rice (Xoi Xeo): You can find this dish in almost every outdoor market in Hanoi. The sticky rice is topped with fried onion and mung bean. It is often served with boiled eggs, pork or steamed chicken.


    Coffee Shops


    There’s literally a coffee shop next to everyone or two eating places in Hanoi. And not all shops’ specialties are just nice cups of coffee (be it the famous local drinks like egg coffee, iced milk coffee, or the foreign Cappuccino), for there’re also breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and entertainments.


    Some great Coffee shops in Hanoi are: Downtown Café & Restaurant, Giang Café, Align 3D Graphic Café, Hoa 10 gio – Floral & Book, The Nest – Board game café


    When it comes to finding a coffee shop that fits your pet hobby, there are some for you, like Koi – Cafe & Spa (with fishes + cats), Luffy Café (for dog lovers), or Ailu Cat House Club (for cat lovers).


    Spa Centers


    Aside from those included in the five-stars hotel & spa complex, there’re plenty of spa centers near every accommodation in Hanoi, such as Le Spa du Metropole, Hanoi Midory Spa, Hanoi La Siesta Spa, Orient Spa, etc.


    Parks and Gardens


    Visit these places to find yourself fresh air and joyful moments: Westlake Waterpark, Thu Le Park, Hanoi Botanical Garden, Reunification Park, Lenin Park, etc.




    In luxurious casino hotels, you can try your luck a little with all kinds of gambling games. Some prominent names are Macau Club (Crowne Plaza Hotel), Bonus Club (The Hanoi Club Hotel), Charlie One Club (JW Marriott Hotel), Vegas Plaza (Hanoi Grand Plaza Hotel), etc.




    Hopefully, with so many choices of where to organize your stay and play golf packages in Hanoi, we have not overwhelmed you. Now let’s come to the old, beautiful capital of Vietnam and discover yourself!


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