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Things to Know about Ho Chi Minh City and Golf Courses


    Ho Chi Minh City (also called Saigon) is a magnet attracting tourists and golfers who refer to it as the sleepless and bustling city. There are various great things about the city named after Uncle Ho, and it might turn to the trip of a lifetime on this amazing golf destination. The overview of Ho Chi Minh City is well presented below.


    Ho Chi Minh City




    Ho Chi Minh City is located in the south of Vietnam, about 1.750km from Hanoi. It is the largest city in Vietnam and has the elevation of 19m above the sea level. Geographically, the place is bordered by the East Sea to the south, Ba Ria – Vung Tau to the east, Long An Province to the west, and Tay Ninh – Binh Duong Provinces to the north. This is the major commercial hub of the whole southern region and gathers lots of industrial sectors, skyscrapers, commercial sites, etc. As the most populous metropolitan area in Vietnam, and also the most expensive city, the place is open for tourism and receives a huge number of visitors who come for city attractions, business, jobs, and golf.


    Top Things to See in Ho Chi Minh City


    Chinatown (“Chợ Lớn”)


    Chinatown in Saigon can be dated back to the year of 1778. It owns the historical and cultural highlights of the markets, temples, and restaurants for the exhilarating discovery. The area is home to the long-dwelling Chinese people who live and do business in the wholesale Binh Tay Market. Preserving the age-old traits to become the tourist attraction, this cultural town is ideal for the walking trip or the cyclo tour. There stand out various long-lasting Chinese restaurants to eat the authentic Chinese food amid the bustling Saigon. Also, the Chinese temples are worth exploring. Especially at night, the Chinatown turns out to be most exciting.


    Cho Lon - Cho Binh Tay


    Ben Thanh Market


    This is the iconic attraction to see in Ho Chi Minh City that is often present in the tour itinerary. Any visit to District 1 should include the time to discover Ben Thanh Market, do shopping, and contemplate the architecture (though it is not original). Filled with the booths for fruits, cloth, flower, handicrafts, food, etc., the market remains attractive and is the indispensable trait of culture and history that nothing can replace in Saigon. Taking pictures of this market has been the top things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, and all guests feel happy that they did it.


    The Independence Palace (also called Reunification Palace)


    This is the historical site of Saigon that went through several governments during the French colonial period, the World War II, and the Vietnam War. Constructed on the former Norodom Palace building, The Independence Palace is the existing witness of the rough time of the city. Going through the ups and downs of history, on April 30th, 1975, the site was named Reunification Palace and turned out to be the must-see landmark in the destination. Inside the Palace are the authentic remnants kept for the later generations to learn and study. If getting there, you’re likely to meet many other foreigners alike who come to witness the relics, learn the history, and take pictures outside of the impressive building. The age-old trees or the historical aircraft outdoors are the great objects to photograph.


    The War Remnants Museum


    In 1975, the War Remnants Museum (previously named Museum of American War Crimes) was open to the public visit. Since then, it becomes the top historical attractions in Ho Chi Minh City that nobody should ignore. Inside the well-kept museum are the black-and-white photographs of the history, the weapons of the American military such as the tank, 6.800kg bomb, the helicopter with the rocket launcher, etc. Especially, the infamous “tiger cage” was said to jail the political prisoners in the very small sizes of 2.7m x 1.5m x 3m. One tiger cage could keep up to 14 prisoners, and this was the dark trait of the history that frighten the later witnesses. By seeing the historical remnants, the place touches to the guests’ souls to be fear of the war disasters. Also, the Vietnamese later generations get there to learn the history and feel grateful to their ancestors.


    Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral


    This Cathedral is another historical highlight of Saigon that is in favor of the foreign tourists. Erected in the late 1880s by the French colonists of the Catholics, the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral owns the original architecture and view that marvel the first-time visitors. With 60m height and distinctive Neo-Romanesque features including the two big bells, stained glass window, peaceful gardens, etc., this attraction is praiseworthy in each detail. In fact, the Saigonese loves the Cathedral so much that some couples decide to take pre-wedding photographs there. Also, this is the favorite venue for those who follow Catholicism to practice their religions. Groups of local students and teenagers consider this the good place for hanging out, too.


    Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

    Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral – Ho Chi Minh City


    Great Golf Courses in Ho Chi Minh City


    The city owns dozens of the good courses, which enrich the golf scene besides the four former sites of Vietnam Golf & Country Club, Song Be Golf Resort, Long Thanh Golf Resort, and Dong Nai Golf Resort. The upswing of the golf courses in Ho Chi Minh City makes it the ideal golf destination, besides various unbeatable highlights. In recent years, the city golf maps become attractive thanks to the world-class establishments which have been ranked highly by the international golf magazines. In particular, the leading sites to play at are as follows:



    The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, Vung Tau (from 2014)


    Amongst these elites, the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip was ranked as Vietnam’s Best Golf Course 2015, which keeps the clean reputation in the golfer communities. This award-winning course delivers the genuine essence of the links-style golf. It is the 18-hole course with the picturesque landscape, the towering sand dune, the windy conditions, etc., which are smartly solved by the well-known Greg Norman. Surpassing the other competitors, The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip won the prize, not only for its excellent layout to take advantage of the natural wind, but also the smart arrangement of holes and the quality of the golf service. Playing there one time, and you can see for yourself why the other golf pros voted this course the highest.


    Tan Son Nhat Golf Course, Ho Chi Minh City (from 2015)


    This 36-hole course owns the quick and easy access, only 4km from the city center, and just nearby the Tan Son Nhat Airport. The impressive characteristics of the course lie in the high-quality Paspalum grass, the smartly-solved bunkers, the large fairways, the upscale restaurants, Pro Shop, and the luxurious villas. With the green settings amid the busy Saigon, Tan Son Nhat Golf Course provides the valuable relaxation by using your clubs to hit the hard ball into the holes directly. By overcoming the bunker challenges and win the scores, you get much motivation to apply to work and life. Not only the sports game is good for the physical health, but it is also great for mental effects, and right in this course, things become perfectly offered.


    When to Visit Ho Chi Minh City


    Any time of the year can be the good time to visit Ho Chi Minh City as the place remains as bustling, dynamic, and charming as it throughout the year. But, in particular, it appears to have two seasons to consider.


    • December to April: These months are in the dry season of Saigon. The average temperature of the dry time can be 28 Celsius degree. Many people don’t want the rain so that they enjoy the outdoor discovery, making this season the best time to see Ho Chi Minh City, play golf, visit the historical attractions, and more. Also, this period marks several important festivals in the land, namely Christmas, the New Year, and Tet, which all shower the city with the colorful decorative appearance.
    • May to November: The Saigon weather in these wet months are featured with the rain and humidity. The rain might arrive suddenly, and people wish it to go away so that their outdoor play is not interrupted. So if you arrive in the wet and rainy season, it is better to keep a raincoat in the backpack. In particular, the most notable event in this period is Vietnam Reunification Day (September 2nd) when the city is decorated and exciting with the night fireworks.


    Food to Eat in Ho Chi Minh City


    Not only does Saigon function as the ideal center for golf courses and tourist attractions, but it is also the food paradise filled with many yummy dishes on the streets and alleys. The list of the Saigon Street Food is long and diverse, and here is quick look at the most popular ones.


    • The broken rice (“Cơm Tấm”): The plate of the broken rice is attractive and scented thanks to the grilled pork ribs, omelet, sausage, fermented carrot, and slices of cucumber. Due to the patrons’ preference, the “Cơm Tấm” comes in many different versions that include the varying ingredients. But often, the grilled pork ribs should be the indispensable item on the dish. And, the success of the food might lie in the well-spiced fish sauce. Particularly, District 5 of Saigon has the best places that sell the yummy broken rice that visitors should always relish.
    • The Saigon sandwich (“Bánh Mì”): You can find “Bánh Mì” throughout Vietnam, but the one in Saigon is different thanks to the huge collections of versions. People from other regions arrive at Saigon to earn money, and some become the street vendors that sell the sandwich. This fact brings the city numerous versions of the sandwich which might include barbecued pork, sausage, omelet chervil, etc. There is even the vegetarian sandwich which is sold well. People agree to queue in the long line to wait for their favorite Saigon sandwich and you should always try one loaf.
    • The crab soup (“Súp Cua”): This is another favorite breakfast that most Saigonese enjoy to slurp. Along the streets are the bamboo carts that sell the inexpensive versions of the crab soup which includes small piece of crab meat, mushroom, quail egg, chili, pepper, and cilantro. It is scented and attractive enough to call you to taste the whole. The takeaway soup is sold well, and you’re likely to see many locals who are on the motorbikes and stop by the carts to get the soups. Also, the pedestrians find it enjoyable to have this soup on the spot.
    • A kind of noodle soup (“Hủ Tiếu”): This is the most popular kind of noodle soup called “Hủ Tiếu” in the city. Some carts might work from the early morning while the others remain throughout the day to the midnight. The noodle soup might come in the “expensive” and the “inexpensive” versions which depend on the places you eat as well as the ingredients you demand. Often, the budget bowl includes the noodle, shrimp, pork rib, chili, cilantro, and vegetable; all are soaked in the nutrient broth. This is the appetizing treat to the hungry belly which is finding for something great to eat on the streets.
    • Beef stew (“Bò Kho”): The carts of the beef stew are dominant on the local streets. As usual, they sell the beef stew together with the noodle soup of “Hủ Tiếu”, so the customers can have another option to choose. A bowl of “Bò Kho” includes the yellow soup, tender beef, carrot, herb, etc., which can be served with egg noodles, rice vermicelli, or loaves of bread. As long as your favorites are the stews and the curries, then this is the fantastic treat to enjoy any time of the day. People enjoy slurping it till the last drop.


    Other Tourism Services in Ho Chi Minh City


    The tourism strengths of Ho Chi Minh City also lie in the other services of entertainment, accommodation, and restaurant. The city can be the remedial haven filled with many certified spa addresses which help you to regain any lost energy due to the long day tours. Besides spa, there stand out the nicely-decorated places for karaoke that makes singing and dancing at night the best kind of relaxation to elate. The excitement is boundless in the super-duper bar clubs and beer clubs where serve the greatest drinks and music ever. The great sense of comfort and luxury is ready and abundant at the restaurants and hotels of the 3-star to 5-star rankings scattered throughout the city, particularly in District 1.


    Furthermore, the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street promises the exciting weekend nightlife in Saigon that calls many locals and foreigners to gather and have fun. Sightseeing, chatting, and playing in the areas around the pedestrian street is a must to do in District 1, Saigon. As no vehicle can access the walking-only area, people find it safe and easy to discover the illuminated street, the surrounding shops, the theme park, the water fountain with the color-changing lights, and the statue of Uncle Ho in the end corner. Nguyen Hue Street at night has become the favorite hangout address that the local people of all ages prefer. The area also delivers many photogenic sections for the “so-deep” photographs. Especially during the festive periods, the pedestrian street becomes most exciting with the electric lights, music performance, etc.


    Unwinding in this street, you’re sure to meet the local elders, the youths, and the kids. Families of the locals tend to hang out in this address, mainly at the weekends. Nearby the street are the Bach Dang Wharf which offers the scenic river view, the cruises, and the illuminated tall buildings of District 2 in the other bank of the river. While District 1 is the heart of the city spotlighted with many fantastic attractions to see, Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street is the new lovely hangout spot that people should come to mingle with the Saigonese. Any life anxiety will vanish in the happy crowd. And, for the trauma to disappear like the bubble, head to the water fountain, listen to the songs of the water, and feel relieved. The color-changing lights can wow the pedestrians who raise the camera and record the videos.


    There stand out the unlimited opportunities to have fun and joy when you travel to Ho Chi Minh City thanks to the top tourist attractions, the better golf courses, the rich collections of the street food, and the entertaining world of spa, beer clubs in Pham Ngu Lao Street (the western edge of District 1), etc. The fast-paced city promises you the rich excitement and interest in exploring the new things. Start a Saigon Golf Tour if the city highlights call you to go!


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