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Best Time to Golf In Vietnam and Cambodia


    According to many Tour Operators, they are often asked by the customers when the best time to golf in Vietnam and Cambodia is. If it is your quest, enjoy golfing in both Vietnam and Cambodia with the clear heads! Instead of touring aimlessly with very few ideas about the most ideal time to experience Golf Tours, you’d better search for the crucial info about the tee-off times, climate conditions, Golf Courses’ circumstances, etc. In reference to the tee-off in the morning, it is recommended to enjoy the service from July to October. Right in this time of the year, rain occurs easily, so morning tee-off seems to be the very good option.


    Best Time of Year to Golf in Vietnam


    The best time to golf in Vietnam is during the peak season from January to April. Since the weather conditions are best during these months, the Vietnam Golf Courses throughout the country turn to be busiest with the highest prices. When it comes to May and June, the weather is hot especially in Saigon. Hence, golfing in Song Be Golf Resort, Long Thanh Golf Resort, Twin Doves Golf Club, and Vietnam Golf & Country Club, etc., from May to June makes you wet with sweat. Right in such the time frame, the weather in Danang and Hanoi is quite excellent that inspires the golfers to golf in the comfortable status.


    From July to September, the daily late afternoon is affected by the sudden rains frequently. Therefore, the Golf Courses in Vietnam tend to be quieter during this period. Anyway, the authentic golfers don’t care much about such the climate awkwardness. They find it easy to take a bit of shelter to relax and then go on playing golf. Since the rain will stop within 30 minutes, resume the play funnily!


    How about the Vietnam Golf Vacation from October to December? The weather in this period is doubtful and iffy. Sometimes, it is affected with strong typhoons in the Central Coast that make golf tours delay in 3 – 4 days. In the other times, the sky is clear enough to inspire the golfers to drive miles to set foot on their favorable Golf Courses such as Sky Lake Golf & Resort, Danang Golf Club, Sea Links Golf & Country Club, Long Thanh Golf Resort, etc. Check the weather radar before planning for a Vietnam Golf Trip!




    “Vietnam can be visited at any time in year. This country is split into 3 weather zones and as most trips encompass more than one zone, there is never really a bad time to go.
    In the South, there are two seasons. The wet season is from around May to November, when humidity is high and storms tend to be short-lived. This area also often witnesses refreshing changes. The wettest time of year in the Center is generally October to January and the hottest months usually range between May to July. The best time to visit this zone is around January to April. Weather in the north can see numerous changes within a short time frame. From December to January it can be quite cool and overcast. May to September is usually quite hot and humid with peaked temperature reaches its top around July. Visit Vietnam Golf Guide.”


    Best Time to Play Golf in Cambodia


    The low seasons from May to July with the rain problems cause Cambodian Golf Holidays to have difficulty in the tee-off time. Hence, check the weather conditions carefully before you book the tea-off time! Right in Cambodia, the rain usually drops down in the afternoon, so the morning is suggested as the best time for the tea-off service. Remember that point so that you can avoid enjoying the savory tea in the rain!


    During the high season, both morning and afternoon are mostly full of the booked Golf Tours in many growing Cambodia Golf Courses namely Cambodia Golf & Country Club (Phnom Penh’s oldest Golf Course), Garden City Golf Club (best conditioned Course in Phnom Penh), Royal Cambodia Phnom Penh Golf Club (flat course with variable conditions), Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club (well-maintained layout with spacious fairways), etc.


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