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BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort – Special World-Class Twin Green Site


    Positioned in Soc Son, Hanoi, and came into operation in 2015, BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is proud to be the first golf course in Vietnam built by Nicklaus Design, the world’s leading golf design company established by a true legend, Jack Nicklaus, who won 18 championships. It’s also the Vietnam’s first golf course that adopts an exceptional “twin green” design perceptive, not only the first for Nicklaus Design in Vietnam but also in Asia.


    Legend Hill Golf resort


    BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort has the 18-hole setting with 36 different greens, creating the ideal holes combination to suit players of all level. Each round you play in this “twin green” layout, you are highly motivated to use the club and hit the hard ball successfully.


    What is more about BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort?


    Referring to the location of this special 18-hole golf course in Hanoi, it’s adjacent to the legendary Soc Temple, which gained fame thanks to Saint Giong (a heaven-sent hero of Phu Dong Village). And, BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is close to that important religious site that evolves the name of “Legend Hill”. The investor of this luxurious project believed that only Nicklaus Design could indicate the legacy of Saint Giong in this land so that the world-class golf course with the highest quality is created.


    The use of the best grass in the modern golf world namely Platinum Paspalum creates the smooth tee-box for the real-time golf experience in such the international-standard golf course. Most of the bunkers are constructed and placed similarly to the world-class course, including the standard characteristics of the greens of the USGA (United States Golf Association).


    Legend Hill Golf resort


    The golfers can hit the hard ball from many different angles towards to the different holes via the dissimilar distance. They can also practice how to overcome the bunkers, which are protected by the greens so that they can make the exact hits. Whether you have short golf skill or the long one, it’s feasible to perform as good as expected.


    The opening of the high-end golf course in BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort marks the solid, leading position of BRG Golf in the Vietnam’s golf market. This corporation continues trying to improve its quality combined with lots of the best golf services to satisfy the players nationwide and worldwide.


    The special twin green course in BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is opened in August 2015 with the full 18 holes, bringing the second-to-none golf experience and special feeling to the players. With the unique “twin green” design, the golf hobbyists will begin their first round at that green in the morning, and then in the afternoon, at the same position, they play with the different feeling via the complete hits. The unique point is that you play golf in the 18-hole course but get the real-time feeling for playing on the 36-hole course. How special!


    Play Golf in the Magnetic BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort


    BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is a wonderful and professional golf course of BRG Corporation. The golf resort is the venue of the US’s leading names namely Nicklaus Design, Flagstick Golf Course Construction Management, Z Design Group, GCH Planning & Landscape Design, etc. The quintessence of golf is gathered there, creating the “new green” for the golf fans. Just bring your favorite luxurious sport to this world-class “twin green” golf course someday!


    Legend Hill Golf resort


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