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Corporate Golf Services / Tournaments

    Other considerations include the style, quality and difficulty of golf venue required. This should be based not only upon your company’s budgetary and geographical requirements, but also upon the profile of the guests. It’s important to consider whether they are established or new customers or prospects and to take into account their golfing ability. Some additional coaching should be considered for novice golfers who are valuable customers but might not yet have the confidence to play in the main event.


    Administratively, consideration should also be given to the amount of time your employees might spend working on the event and the company time they might waste looking for the best deal and getting and comparing quotations. If this is not the job they are normally employed to do the ‘real’ or ‘opportunity’ cost to your business might be much greater than anticipated.


    Golf in VN aims to remove the entire administrative burden from your company. Golf in VN will identify appropriate venues for your event, provide detailed budgets and make suggestions for prizes and gifts. Our service includes distribution of invitations and collation of responses, either by post or electronically (many of our clients prefer us to create bespoke websites from which their hospitality events can be administered). Golf in VN will also suggest, cost and arrange additional services like guest speakers, trick shot shows, golf instruction clinics and photography or video of your event.


    At Golf in VN your event is managed by qualified golf staff  with a combined experience of over 5 years in the industry,  In fact, the phrase most heard at the completion of our golf days is.


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