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Enjoy Vietnam Golf During Peak Golf Season


    Vietnam, an exquisite S-shaped country spotlighted with hundreds of excellent golf courses from the North through the Center and to the South. Vietnam Golf is on the positive growth, and the international golfers have been making this country the promising golf destination. If you buy that popular interest and are about to golf in Vietnam, it’s critical to know when the peak golf season is, and what to do for a fruitful golf journey to this beautiful tropical land.


    When is the Peak Golf Season in Vietnam?

    Informatively, the most crowded golf season in Vietnam is from January to April. This period makes the ideal weather condition, which is cool and dry, for playing golf in Vietnam. As a result, most of the golf courses are busiest with numerous visitors, and of courses, the prices reach the highest range. Therefore, if you love mingling with other golf masters at the peak time, it’s stimulated to take the luggage and bring this luxurious sport to Vietnam. You will get opportunities to meet lots of professional and famous golf connoisseurs there.


    When it comes to May and June, the season of golf becomes less animated due to the weather changes based on regions. While Saigon is hot, Hanoi and Da Nang are ideal for golf tours. But generally speaking, in the period between May and June, most of the golf courses in Vietnam are quieter than other stages. At the same time, the golf holidaymakers from the USA as well as Europe may prefer returning home.


    Then, the period from July and September marks the quiet golf season again because of the rain. Things don’t change much because not many people travel to play this upscale game; perhaps, they are afraid that the rain will interrupt their play. But, in fact, the golf courses still receive some guests who take the rain with an open mind and are ready to resume play after relaxing and waiting for the rain to stop.


    After that, the golf scenery during October and December is affected by the seasonable typhoons, especially in the Center and North of Vietnam. That is why the players are warned to check the weather forecast before they plan to golf in the Vietnam central coast golf courses during such vulnerable time.


    Tips to Play Golf in Vietnam during the Peak Season

    As noted, the peak golf season in Vietnam lasts from January to April when people enjoy the cool and dry weather condition. So, if you come on any day during this period, here are two significant tips for the most enjoyable rounds.


    First, during the peak time, if possible, don’t golf at the weekend because most of the outstanding golf courses in Vietnam may be packed with tourists, locals, and expats. Such busy and crowded scene is particularly true in Saigon and Hanoi. But, the busy level becomes lesser in other places like Da Nang, Da Lat, and Nha Trang. Hence, think twice about the crowd!


    Second, the charges for weekend golf are quite high with lots of extra fees. Therefore, the very good advice is to schedule your Vietnam Golf Holiday on weekdays, and then invest your weekends in relaxing as well as sightseeing the charming Vietnam.


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