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Knowledge To Have The Best Ho Chi Minh Golf Tours


    Ho Chi Minh City has the propitious conditions for developing golf tourism in Vietnam. In fact, the most bustling city in Vietnam is the home to many world-class golf courses that ensure the golfers to experience the perfect tours. There is a huge number of tourist attractions and luxurious buildings in this city to amaze every newcomer. You can expect to golf in the famous courses, sightsee the animated cityscape, and rest in the luxurious hotels right in the city named after Uncle Ho. If you’re about to enjoy Ho Chi Minh Golf Tours, below is the necessary knowledge to grasp the best experience.


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    Ho Chi Minh City Golf Courses to be explored


    The golf tour to Ho Chi Minh will never lack excitement because players have many to select. The best names can be listed as Long Thanh Golf Resort, Twin Doves Golf Club, Song Be Golf Resort, Vietnam Golf & Country Club, Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort, Jeongsan Golf Country Club, and Tan Son Nhat Golf Course. Quite close to the city location, the three excellent sites including Dong Nai Golf Course, The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, and Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort encourage the players to perform with their fullest abilities.


    Due to each tourist’s budget, time, and preference, they can choose to golf in any of these Ho Chi Minh City Golf Courses. Each destination has its advantages to attract the players. For instance, if you prefer golfing in the 27-hole courses, you should pay attention to Vung tau Paradise Golf Club, Song Be Golf Resort, Dong Nai Golf Resort and Twin Doves Golf Club. But if you feel most confident to golf in the 18-hole course, the ideal option is Jeongsan Golf Club & Royal Island Golf Club. For any player that wants to challenge themselves at the 36-hole courses, Tan Son Nhat Golf Course, Long Thanh Golf Resort and Vietnam Golf & Country Club are the three outstanding destinations.


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    Tee Times in Ho Chi Minh City


    In general, the golfers have to reserve a tee time in advance so that they can begin their round of golf at the right time. For example, if your tee time is 10:00 AM, then at 10:00 AM, you or someone of your group should be hitting the first tee shot of the round. But understand that not all golf courses in Ho Chi Minh City have requirement of tee time! Therefore, it’s prudent to call to ask for the tee time policy of the golf courses that you’ve never visited before.


    For the smooth flow of golfers around the course, tee times are very important. Groups of golfers in Ho Chi Minh City can begin their rounds in an organized style at three specific destinations: Long Thanh Golf Resort, The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, and Vietnam Golf & Country Club. You now can make an online request for tee time in these three courses. Once an online reservation including date, time, and the number of players is requested, the golf course will directly contact you later to confirm the specific tee time, rate, and other details.


    So, when you’re unsure of a tee time policy of a new golf course, just call it in advance or visit its website to check the point. Another option is to reserve a tee time online through a third-party service provider.


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