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Quy Nhon Destination for Upscale Golf and Wonderful Sightseeing


    Quy Nhon has long been famous for a dramatic color. Also, the modern city stands out with an excellent construction of FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links – the new star golf course in all over Asia. For the most fantastic Golf, sightseeing, and cuisine in Binh Dinh Province, people always come to Quy Nhon.


    Quy Nhon City


    Quy Nhon Geology


    Quy Nhon is the coastal city in the southeast of Binh Dinh Province – the “Land of Martial Arts.” This city is around 1,065km from Hanoi and 677km from Saigon. The city is also nearby Phu Yen Province to the south, Gia Lai Province to the west, and Quang Ngai Province to the north. The land of Quy Nhon has many notable offshore islands, mountains, and beaches. All is poetic and surprising.


    FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links


    If asking for the best of Quy Nhon Golf, then let us draw your focus on FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links. This is the 18-hole par-72 golf course designed by Nicklaus Design – the world’s premier golf course design firm and built by Flagstick Corporation. It comes into operation on January 30th, 2016. Since then, it becomes the big magnet attracting the golfers and tourists to Quy Nhon. For sure, this is the beautiful course with the captivating landscapes along Quy Nhon Beach and the dense pine forest. Here, you find each golf hole as an artwork. FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links is also best for the excellent record of quick construction within five months. The sense of luxury here is ultimate, and everybody rates the unrivaled system of golf course-resort-villa-entertainment highly. Admittedly, this Quy Nhon Golf Course might be Asia’s leading golf venue for the second-to-none golf and sightseeing journey.


    flc quy nhon golf links


    Quy Nhon Tourist Attractions


    Queen Beach is perfect for a boat trip at the foot of the Poet Mountain. The trip mesmerizes every soul as it feels like they are relaxing and sightseeing a fairy scenery where only covers peace, beauty, and romance.

    Quy Hoa Valley becomes recognizable for the casuarina lines and miraculous valley. They together form the incredible background for photography.


    Hon Seo Island is the best choice for the picnic in Quy Nhon. The island also includes the attraction of Genh Rang where owns many egg-shaped rock cobbles.


    Hon Seo Quy Nhon


    The Twin Towers are the ancient and impressive Cham religious construction. It is noticeable for the structure and spiritual merit.


    Twin Tower Quy Nhon


    Ky Co Beach is a real beach paradise. Here, you see a natural lake created by the cliffs and sea waves, turquoise water, white sandbank, lines of lush trees, etc. The beach remains pristine and romantic, with a few footprints.


    Ky Co Beach Quy Nhon


    Best Food in Quy Nhon


    Besides the plentiful seafood, Quy Nhon owns some other appetizing specialties. The list might cover the fish noodle (“Bun Cha Ca” of which the keys are mackerel sausage and flavorful fish broth), Chau Truc shrimp vermicelli (often served with crispy rice paper), the soft thin vermicelli with grilled pork, Bau Da wine, and My Cang pancake.


    Quy Nhon Food


    Quy Nhon Hotels and Restaurants


    Quy Nhon accommodation ranges from the affordable guesthouses to the high-class hotels. As noted, you can stay at the luxurious resort included in the upscale FLC Quy Nhon complex. Otherwise, Quy Nhon displays numerous lodging options, like HAGL Resort Quy Nhon.

    Quy Nhon restaurants ensure you savor the best local dishes. As FLC Quy Nhon Golf Course also has its restaurant, just eat there if wanted. Alternatively, go out to find the favorite eateries!


    FLC Quy Nhon Hotel


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