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Two Top Featured Golf Courses In Dalat


    There exist many standard Courses that suit all kinds of Golfers. As an illustration, let us draw your attention to the 2 top featured Golf Courses right in Dalat, Vietnam namely Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Club & Resort and Da Lat Palace Golf Club. So long as you are fond of golfing in Dalat, it is a must to concern yourself with the growing interest in the two listed spots.


    Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Club & Resort


    The foremost thing to take notice of Sacom Resort is about its advantageous locations. Located in the hills of Dalat and designed with the eye-catching details, this refined Golf Course gives the competent golfers the exclusive chances to enjoy the world-class standard of playing golf. As one of the must-visit spot in Vietnam, Dalat promises to treat your golfing interest wholesomely thanks to the existence of lakes, villas, green background, etc., around the areas. From the first sight, you will be amazed at the large are of land designed for playing golf that is surrounded by the scenic landscapes.


    It is concurred that Sacom Tuyen Lam Golf Club & Resort offers every ingredient that the Golfers need to become satisfied and filled. In the east of Tuyen Lam Lake, the spot looks outstanding and impressive enough to inspire the players’ restless interest in golfing. Thanks to the beautiful topography with valley, hills, and pine forest, the 18-hole Golf Course becomes the highlight that is worth well the visit. Along with that, there is a wide range of landscapes that all leads you towards this exclusive structure designed by an USA designer – Mr. Robert Bicknell. There is nothing cooler than contemplating the natural beauty while golfing with the supreme comfort.


    Dalat Palace Golf Club


    Situated in the heart of Dalat City, this eminent Golf Course looks very impressive and magnificent from the bird view. Since 1922, Dalat Palace Golf Club has been admitted as one of the best clubs in Vietnam thanks to its rich membership ranging from civic leaders to executives, businessmen, and retirees. Golfers of all social status and age love to join in this authentic Golf Club and are keen on playing right in the designated Golf Course.


    Once being immersed into the large field of grass, you can see the signs of Vietnamese friendliness and culture that urge the players to make friends along the way. Believably, more and more golfers are able to find lots of folks out there that together share the same interest in the art of playing Golf. In the areas enveloped with the rolling hills and mature pines, this Golf Course’s location is accessible from all corners of the globe. Being also named as “Petit Paris”, the Course enables you to sight-see over the majestic Xuan Huong Lake nearby the French-inspired structures. It is the breathtaking view associated with the mountainous location and cool weather that make this 18-hole Course one of the best candidates for the best Golf Course in Vietnam.


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