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Vietnam Golf Lessons

    Golf au Vietnam are experts at creating, designing and organizing golf travel packages and luxury golf vacations, all you need to organize is your game! Golf has been played for centuries and is at best challenging, at worst frustrating. To get the most from your Vietnam golf holiday, we recommend you consider our golf school vacation packages. The best thing to firstly improve on your luxury golf vacation is your attitude! No golfer can hit the perfect shot every time, there is always room for improvement, and the sooner all of us golfers accept this (myself included!) then we can enjoy our golf vacations in Vietnam and improve our game at the same time. We must be willing to change a lot of things we may think we already know.


    Golf au Vietnam are delighted to provide the facility for both group, and individual tuition during your Vietnam golf vacation. Whether you are a newcomer to the game, in the early stages of playing golf, or a more experienced player, then we can create custom golf packages to fit in with your schedule, and designed to give you greater enjoyment whilst playing the fantastic courses throughout your Vietnam golf trip.


    Along with giving our customers the best golf course guide, we also employ a qualified golf professional year round. Our instructor can be booked in advance when you are arranging your Vietnam golf vacation. Quality instruction is available on any Vietnam golf tour, ranging from the basic fundamentals, to more advanced playing lessons for experienced golfers. From quick fix tips to long term practice strategies, short game skills to course management, you can realize improvement in all aspects of your golf game while on a Vietnam golf vacation.


    For individual, group, or playing lessons, our coach’s warm personality and enthusiasm will ensure your coaching and Vietnam golf holiday are of great enjoyment. Depending on your requests lessons can be given in the format 1-2 hour instruction on the driving range, and our instructor is also available to provide playing lessons accompanying you on a round of golf. This helps develop what you have learn on the range by assisting you on the course. With the amount of factors that influence your round such as the course layout, wind conditions, undulations, our experienced professional instructor can advise on the best solutions. Assistance and examples will be provided with all these aspects leading to better golf, lower scores and ultimately, more enjoyment.


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