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Vietnam Golf Nowadays


    Considering the history, the start point of golf in Vietnam could be supposed to be around 20 years ago, when Vietnam was on the steps of International integration. This international sport entered Vietnam and day by day, with its restless effort, creates its own typical characteristics at this land. Because of that, Vietnam is now mentioned as one of the emerging destination for golf lovers. As of now, there are over 30 golf courses operating in the country, and the double of that amount was approved to be constructed until 2020. The number of players has also reached the number of thousands, with hundreds of large and small tournaments, from the local level to the national ones.


    Sensing the blossom of this prevailing sport in Vietnam, many major golf equipment companies such as Titlest and Footjoy, Puma Golf, TaylorMade, Adidas Golf, etc. set their foot in this land. Year of 2013 also saw the event in which Vietnam was asserted to be “Golf Destination of Asia – Oceania 2013” by the International Association of Golf Tourism Organization (IAGTO). This is the most persuading evidence of the fact that golf is growing, bearing its very rich untapped potential and increasingly accepted in Vietnam.


    The reasons for this significant development of this sport in Vietnam could be seen clearly. Just like a curious and excited youngster, Vietnam could absorb new things at a great speed. Therefore, international sports in general and golf in particular are receiving more and more attention from Vietnamese. As the income of people in this land is increasing, golf, which considered to be a luxurious sport, also become more familiar with players. In Vietnam, most golf courses are linked to the regions or areas which have the potential local development of economy, tourism and services. The advantage of natural landscape here plays a crucial part in golf courses construction and under the hand of talented designers, many golf courses have possessed magnificent beauty yet thrilling challenges. As a result, apart from national awards, in 2013, Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) co-organized many continental events, such as Volvik Skylake Cup and Ryder Cup 2013.


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