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Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc – Everyone’s dream to


    Phu Quoc Golf is one of the first-class monuments in Vinpearl tourism community- is known as Pearl Island. If Vinpearl Luxury brings you luxurious feeling right after landing, Vinpearl Land provides with the best of recreational amusements…Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc – there is more to this landscape than meets the eye.


    Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc – An Ideal Destination


    Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc firstly leaves deep impression to the tourists by a immense view, grasses waving in the wind creating a horizontal line that making coming-people feel be top of the world in quintessence of earth. Tourists can wallow in relaxing moments beneath the vast of heaven and enjoy wholesome climate spoiling distinguished guests with warm sunshine, cool breeze. That is also a emphasis in whole picture of Phu Quoc Golf…That can’t be more wonderful when luxuriating in that glorious weather.


    Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc– “Modern Age’s Challenges”


    Designed with a noble, gentle, and friendly style for any tourists by IMG – America, tourists coming here soon realize themselves that choosing Vinpearl Golf for relaxing is a perfect option. It is built with the length 6.787 yard and par 71 in total area of 182 ha. The first international standard 27-hole course on the island is a magnificent masterstroke. Each hole symbolizes for a challenge that winners are hero who coming out of himself. They provide players some playing levels. However simple or complicated they are, they are really fantastic adventures. Players must muster up all strength and intelligence to push ball in holes. The path from hole to hole which balls go through sometimes reduce players hold breath and wait for result. It brings experiments yielding new insights as well.. Furthermore, Vinpearl Golf designed by taking advantage a vantage position, having surrounded majestic forests and twists and turns manmade lakes is actually a masterpiece of natural.


    Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc – high-class services


    Vinpearl Golf is not only famous for marvelous scenery, pleasure of elegance, it is more than just a game. Whenever you want to have a try for playing golf, technicians at Phu Quoc Golf are ready to guide you from the first step to more skillful one. They are worthy of sympathetic, whole-hearted and professional. In addition, it has luxurious restaurants of international stature. Tourists are likely to be satisfied with the methods, techniques of cooking, style of serving with all sorts of foods from European to Asian…Cuisine experts bring you be filled with astonishment by strange and special dishes with catching-eye decoration. Tourists will gain the best and ineffable feelings like a paradise in which you are a King. Each dish is a vivid description of brilliant blow-soul for foods. Moreover, opulent villas provide the full services for tourists. Tourist can visit and buy some equipments serving for “golf practice journey”. Although you come here alone or come with your friends or families, it is always perfect, it is always in the seventh heaven. Nothing can express those special feelings with all these here.


    Those factors above building a perfect Phu Quoc Golf with big impressions. Phu Quoc Golf is entitled to our belief, be first choice of domestic and foreign golfing circle.


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