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Vinpearl Golf Club – an unforgettable challenge


    Vinpearl Golf Club which is the first golf course on island in Vietnam is a marvelous masterpiece of 182 hectares. This course which is included in the Vinpearl Luxury is a brilliant work of IMG Company. This famous consulting and design firm sent its entire heart into creating a unique masterpiece which was open for customers since 05/2011. All 18 holes here meet the international standard and with the purpose of bringing the customers the most natural and widest challenge, IMG took advantage of all the land characteristics here. As a result, all 18 holes at Vinpearl Golf course are designed in open space which can let golfers see the vast blue sea from any standpoint. However, it is totally a misunderstanding if you think that every hole is just the same. In fact, each of them bears a completely different design with the position on above and thus, creating excellent visible challenges for golfers.


    The challenging characteristic of this golf course has been acknowledged by many domestic and international golfers who have played on this course. They find it interesting when having the opportunities to cope with unexpectedly winding terrains on the undulating golf path such as the sand traps, palm trees, attractive artificial lakes and stunning fairways, etc.


    No. 13 hole, par-3 with the length of 189 yards from the farthest tee is considered to be the signature hole of the field. Standing at this hole, the golfers can contemplate from the above the spreading immense blue ocean. From this high position tee, golfers will have to hit the ball straight out to sea in order to find the wide pouring forward green slope after that and what has been waiting for golfers at the end is sand traps lying readily to swallow any poor – spirited tee shot. In addition, the strong sea breezes always blowing in the face are also a factor preventing golfers from carrying out good shot.


    If no. 13 is the most beautiful and impressive golf hole of Vinpearl Golf Club, the no.3 of the first nine holes was a notable one. With green located between lakes, the no. 3 golf hole is not designed for the golfer who hit the ball carelessly because with just a little inaccuracy and unbalance, and the ball hit a bit to the left or the right, those ball will fly straightly to the bottom of the lakes. It is indeed an exciting challenge to conquer that is always welcome by the golfers


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