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Vu Yen Island Golf Course of Vingroup for Your to Expect in Hai Phong


    Vu Yen Island Golf Course is a new and magnificent project in Hai Phong that the golfers worldwide might notice. The golf course belongs to a significant project which is worth 19.000 billion VND invested by Vingroup Joint Stock Company (Vingroup) and starting on July 12th, 2015. Since the project is under construction, people can expect to have an incredible 36-hole golf course in Hai Phong soon.


    Vu Yen Island Golf


    Vu Yen Island Golf Course



    The Golf Course is a luxurious construction in the high-class Vu Yen Island, around 10km from Hai Phong Province. The project of Vu Yen Island (Vinpearl Hai Phong) is situated at the confluence of the three famous rivers: Cam, Ruot Lon, and Bach Dang. In the strategic position of the port city, this golf site ensures the comfortable access via the well-paved roads, and remarkably, the 1.5km long cable car from the mainland to the island. Such location gives this game site the advantages of transport, landscape, and ecosystem that a few places can compare.


    Golf Course Information


    Vu Yen Island Golf Course includes 36 international-standard holes in an area of 160 ha. It is set in harmony with the splendid villas, entertainment centers, and parks around. According to the plan, the golf venue should locate in the center of the 872 ha island. It is the highlight of the whole expensive complex, which makes Hai Phong more attractive for the golf players and vacationers than ever.


    In the year of 2016, the first 18 holes are about to be finished with lots of attempts. From September 2015, the construction organization did start making the ground. Lots of works have been carrying out such as planting grass, building lakes, golf trails, Club House, etc. It is the first 36-hole golf course in Hai Phong and is the golf construction with the largest scope invested by Vingroup until now. The golf site in Vu Yen Island is one of the three golf courses available in Hai Phong, together with the 18-hole BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort (Doson Golf Course) and 27-hole Song Gia Golf Resort. The construction of Vu Yen Island Golf Site received the governmental license in June 2015.


    Vinpearl Golf Haiphong Lakeside Course


    Excellent Services and Facilities

    Vu Yen Island Golf Course promises to offer the high-end service and facilities. First, the Club House makes sure the ladies and gentlemen feel comfortable and convenient to find what they need for golf and relax. Next, the investors estimate to include around 1,100 villas for the club members and players to lay the heads after hours of hitting the balls into the holes. The villas should be luxurious and pleasant inside that is worth well the money.


    Furthermore, you will love to play at the ecological park next to Bach Dang River to stay friendly to nature indeed. As already mentioned, the 1.5km long cable car linking the mainland and the island is very fantastic. It is the wonderful facility to experience. With the intentionally luxurious ideas, Vu Yen Island Golf Course brings the sense of high living to attract the premium players and travelers to the port city. What’s more, you’re assured to expect for the ritzy shopping mall, food court, Water Park, and aquarium.


    Expect to play at Vu Yen Island Golf Course!


    Once inaugurated soon, this excellent golf course in the center of Vu Yen Island can lure lots of new and experienced players to come to Hai Phong. Belong to the massive project of 5 years (2015-2020), the 36-hole golf course is one of the keys for people to cherish in the very near day. While the course is splendid and unique in Hai Phong, the integrated facilities and services guarantee your satisfaction. Let’s look forward to the inauguration of Vu Yen Island Golf Course where you can practice the game excitingly all season!


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