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Why Golf In Nha Trang?


    Nha Trang is among the hottest names for the beach vacation as well as golf tour. With miles of the beautifully white sandy beaches, the islands offshore, and the backdrop of rugged mountains, Nha Trang has won the interest of numerous tourists worldwide. Besides enjoying various aquatic sports, swimming, scuba diving to enjoy the coral reefs, snorkeling, etc., YOU can golf in Nha Trang. But why should you choose Nha Trang as the next golfing destination? Though there are many other top choices, trust us, Nha Trang has many advantages to fulfill you.


    The Two Convenient Golf Courses in Nha Trang


    In Nha Trang, there stand two excellent Golf Courses where the golfers worldwide are welcomed to explore: Diamond Bay Golf & Villas and Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang. These are the two highly convenient courses that guests can visit easily from both Nha Trang City and the airport.


    First of all, Diamond Bay Golf & Villas has the awesome layout on Nha Trang beach. It is designed by Andy Dye, an American golf course developer and architect. Golfing in this scenic course, the players can feast their eyes over the Nha Trang Beach, one of the best Vietnamese beaches. The harmonious combinations of the natural majestic pines, sandy dunes, oceanic views, and platinum TE Paspalum grass give every hole in the course the stunning color.


    Diamond Bay Resort & Golf

    Diamond Bay Resort & Golf


    When it comes to Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang, the magnificent island course off the coast of Nha Trang, you should always know that this course is a part of the Vinpearl Resort. Besides, it is settled on Hon Tre Island, where the pristine beauty is accredited. Certainly, the natural advantages of Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang and Vinpearl Resort are incomparable. There is no doubt about this. The 18-hole golf course is designed by IMG, an international leader in golf course design. From every hole, you enjoy the awesome oceanic view.


    Along with that, Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang features the Seashore Paspalum, the brilliant green grass, which makes the whole scenario environmentally friendly. While the natural seascape motivates you to golf at best, the course’s design challenges your skills. Therefore, bring your favorite game to Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang is one of the best decisions that you have ever made.


    Vinpearl Golf Club, Vinpearl Golf Course

    Vinpearl Golf Club, Vinpearl Golf Course


    The High-Class Services, Accommodations, and Seafood in Nha Trang


    In both Diamond Bay Golf & Villas and Vinpearl Golf Club Nha Trang, the golfers are served in the world-class manner. The presence of clubhouse and 5-star resorts here can suit any taste of any tourist. You get the full sects of facilities and amenities for the luxurious stay. Of course, you’re staying at the best beach destination, Nha Trang, so expect to enjoy the healthy, fresh, and tasteful seafood.


    Daily Golf in Nha Trang


    Golf in Nha Trang, you experience the ideal blend of nature, luxury, and challenge. Are those the ingredients you need for the everlasting golf tours? If yes, don’t be reluctant anymore! Nha Trang should always be your next golfing destination. The sea town has the full competence to please almost any beach lover, golfer, vacationer, honeymooners, etc.  Especially, the golfers will soon agree with us that golfing in Nha Trang is wonderful and matchless.


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