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Hanoi Golf and Hanoi Tour Are Combined Well


    Golfing and traveling to Hanoi is one of the most wonderful experiences that the golf fanciers can eagerly obtain whenever they have free time to get entertained. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam that is competent enough to satisfy every tourist in general, and the so-called golfer in particular. In fact, Hanoi is the homeland of some best golf courses in Vietnam. Just don’t need to look elsewhere since the capital has everything you need for the happy tour.


    Hanoi Golf Is Worth Well a Real Experience


    If you ask us to list some of the most notable golf courses in Hanoi for you to get a feel for, we are happy to answer. Let us draw your focus to the nine best candidates! They are Phoenix Golf Resort, Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort, Dai Lai Star Golf & Country Club, Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club, Hanoi Golf Club, Kings Island Golf Club, Tam Dao Golf & Resort, Van Tri Golf Club, and Sky Lake Golf Resort.


    Sky Lake Golf Resort

    Sky Lake Golf Resort


    These golf courses all have the advantageous locations that are smoothly accessible through the city center. What could be more appealing than bringing the luxury golf sport to the excellently specialized area? Yes, whether you choose to golf in Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club or Phoenix Golf Resort, Hanoi Capital promises to serve you with the best golf services ever. Just enjoy playing with the standard sticks and earn the highest possible scores. Both the amateur and seasoned golfers find it inspirational to conquer the challenging and spectacular holes.


    Chi Linh Star Golf Country Club

    Chi Linh Star Golf Country Club


    Hanoi Golf is awesome for the year-round golf tours. Let’s have the quick look at the top eminent courses. Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club with the Tiff Eagle green grass offers the smooth surface. Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort has the Paspalum grass, the colorful mixture of flora and fauna; especially, here you can find the local heron birds. The whole harmonious setting encourages the golfers to play with the fullest potential. Besides, the supportive club and resort’s services rest assured that you get served in the best manner.




    About the Phoenix Golf Resort, it is the largest golf course in Vietnam, and also the second largest in Asia. With the picturesque setting, engaging golf holes, and world-class services, Phoenix attracts the golf hobbyists strongly. Just about 1 hour driving from Hanoi, people can easily reach the course whenever they feel like golfing.


    See the Best Tourist Attractions in Hanoi Tour


    Hoan Kiem Lake


    Hanoi is the second largest city in Vietnam only behind Saigon. The capital is dotted with many innovative high buildings and industrial zones. The capital’s face has been changed positively in some sections while many ancient houses and traditional alleys are well kept. The best tourist attractions in Hanoi usually include the attractive names of Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Fine Art Museum, Vietnam Ethnology Museum, One Pillar Pagoda, Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, and Tran Quoc Pagoda.


    Temple of Literature


    And if you are looking for an exclusive art form of the land, the Vietnamese Water Puppet in Thang Long Puppet Theater is worth viewing. The water puppet show surely entertains the visitors and golfers as well. The show also teaches you much about the land’s culture and art. What’s more, Hanoi hosts many luxurious hotels that secure your rest wholesomely.


    Vietnamese Water Puppet


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