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Saigon Golf And Saigon Tour Are Best Offered Today


    With the propitious location, Saigon (called Ho Chi Minh City today) allures the tourists to sightsee, rest and play in every of its highlight. While some love resting in the top, luxurious hotels in Saigon, the others prefer sightseeing the cityscape, and the rest may be fond of playing golf. Whatever your taste, the most bustling city of Vietnam assures that you will get fulfilled each time you land in Saigon attractions as well as Saigon golf courses. Nowadays, Saigon Golf Tour grows to be the huge magnet indeed.


    ho chi minh city


    Enjoy Saigon Golf in the Top Golf Courses


    Your golf fires are kept burning constantly if you put it in some of the top golf courses available. The list of the best Saigon Golf Courses usually covers the titles of Twin Doves Golf Club, Long Thanh Golf Club, Vietnam Golf & Country Club, Song Be Golf Resort, Jeongsan Golf Country Club, Royal Island Golf Resort (Mekong Golf) and Tan Son Nhat Golf Course. These famous names guarantee your time, energy, and budget with the most satisfactory golfing experience ever.


    tan san nhat golf course


    The day-and-night Saigon Golf Tour motivates you to sightsee the cityscape pictures dotted with many high buildings, shopping centers, splendid hotels, entertainment centers, theme parks, etc., and more especially, the golf courses here are in the world-class standard. In the adjacent regions, the golfers coming to Ho Chi Minh City can further choose to indulge their golfing interest in the three other attractive courses: The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, Dong Nai Golf Resort and Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort.


    During the golf tour in Saigon, the players receive the luxurious services of accommodation, transportation, guide, golf club, etc. Besides, the 24/7 golf hotline supports you every time you need information about your favorable sport.


    Visit the Best Tourist Attractions in Saigon Tour


    In regards to the world-class resorts and hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, we are happy to list out some of the best candidates for you. They include the InterContinental Asiana Saigon, Novotel Saigon, Park Hyatt, Grand Hotel, Renaissance Riverside Hotel, Caravelle Hotel Saigon, etc. Therefore, your rest here is highly comfortable. Whatever kind of accommodation that you are looking for, Saigon has many to fulfill your needs and wants.


    About the city’s most fantastic highlights, just focus on the best tourist attractions available including Ben Thanh Market, Reunification Palace (also called the Independence Palace), Notre Dame Church, Saigon Post Office, War Remnant Museum, Giac Lam Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Cu Chi Tunnel, Tay Ninh Cao Dai Temple, etc. Saigon is surely worth the title “the sleepless city” as it offers hundreds of activities for you to get the lifetime memory.


    Notre Dame Church


    You can choose to golf and rest in the morning time. And then, the night time is greatly boosted with many top bars, restaurants, shops, and cinemas in Saigon. Every guest finds it totally satisfactory to invest their days off in the busiest city of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City. After all, do feel free to say YES to Saigon Tour to be immersed in the stress-free atmosphere, entertaining zones, and golf courses, of course. Many people do visit Saigon, golf in its award-winning courses, and praise the city with thousands of positive comments. So, you should always entrust Saigon with the highest golfing demand.


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