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Admire the Vinpearl golf course has been honored TripAdvisor


    With beautiful natural scenery beautiful, unique position with excellent quality of service, newly Vinpearl golf travel website TripAdvisor world’s largest (U.S) awarded certificates of excellence (The Certificate of Excellence 2013), based on the votes of visitors.


    Let’s see first golf course on the island in Vietnam through a series of pictures below to partly explain why this golf conquered the “heart” of the majority of domestic tourists and international:


    Vinpearl Golf Club is located on Hon Tre Island (Nha Trang) beautiful, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.


    This is an 18-hole golf course of international standards on the first island in Vietnam, bringing exciting experience for golf devotees fascinated not only by the unique style of game design, modern equipment, but also perfect service quality.


    Recently, the site of the world’s leading travel TripAdvisor has awarded certificates of excellence for Vinpearl Golf Club. This certification is awarded to units with the best service quality based on feedback from the experience of visitors worldwide.


    Vinpearl Golf Club is one of the few golf courses in Vietnam were honored with certificates of TripAdvisor.


    We can say, this certificate is outstanding recognition greatest golf tourists as well as domestic and international players have for the scenic beauty and the efforts of Vinpearl Golf Club serve throughout over time.


    One of the unique advantages which can be any golf course, Vietnam Golf Course lay in the entertainment complex class Vinpearl Island Nha Trang, full convergence of all these utilities for a holiday.


    To conquer the Vinpearl golf course, visitors also can combine relaxation with his family at Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang full 5-star standard facilities.


    Or showing an exceptional level, enjoy the most luxurious vacation resorts in particular senior Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang.


    After the round of golf, golfers can visit family, have fun at Vinpearl Land – known as Disneyland on “Pearl island” with hundreds of exciting games.


    We can say, with the advantage ” all in one ” perfectly meet the needs of entertainment, resort , Vinpearl golf course is considered not to be missed destination of golfers in the country and internationally.


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