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Golf In Vietnam’s Social And Economic Growth


    So far, it is estimated that Vietnam has 29 Golf Courses in operation that turn to be the effective drive for the nation’s social and economic growth in terms of jobs, investment, and tourism as well. Obviously, the development of Golf helps to create lots of all jobs for the locals, attract the foreign investment much better, and uplift the tourism industry in the new notch.


    Believe in Development of Vietnam Golf Courses and Tours


    Regardless of the disputes around the Golf Courses’ large areas or environmental pollution controversies from some skeptics, Golf has admitted as the healthy channel to promote Vietnam’s social and economic development with the vivid number of courses and its expansion. In the fight against the negative thoughts about Golf, more and more experts point out that the Golf Courses in Vietnam mostly meet the planning demands and do not take any land of agriculture or forests.


    In reference to the volume of employment, the establishment of Golf has optimistically created lots of jobs for the laborers in the local. Meanwhile, it also attracts the foreign investment with the high rate. For instance, The Ministry Natural Resources and Environment that led the Golf Course Survey in 2010 proved that the national Golf Courses gained up to $224.1 million of investment and donated VND 505 billion to the state’s budget. How great the number is! Some of the top-rated Courses in existence like Phoenix Golf Course, Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club, etc., have created up to 366 stable jobs on average of each for the local people.


    In addition to the GDP growth, the Golf-related events and activities also help to raise the big amount of Charity Funds about $400 billion, for example. In most cases, Vietnam’s Golf planning and development ought to emphasize the significance of Golf on the nation’s social and economic equilibrium. For the purposes of promoting the Golf’s validity in the modern Vietnam’s contexts, the survey results are required to be presented in the public domain.


    In respect to the growth of Golf Courses and the inexpensive fees for the golfers, Golf Tourism comes to life and is developed with numerous services for the wholesome Golf trips. In the eye of many golf experts, Golf is like a beautiful girl that needs treating with true love in order to further the advancement of Vietnam’s golf industry.


    Promising Growth of Vietnam Golf Courses


    Regardless of the jitters about the expansion and competition among many Golf Courses in Vietnam, it is believed that the Golf Industry here will grow more and more since both owners and directors together attempt to better up the Vietnamese tourism as well as economy. Informatively, the Prime Minister did approve the Golf Planning with the promises of developing up to 90 Golf Courses throughout 34 cities and provinces.


    Featuring the positive ambiance for the national growth, the construction of Golf Courses and the popularity of Golf Tours have played in the essential role. According to the Golf experts, the love golfing and developing it right in Vietnam since it leaves the optimistic influences on the national economy, evidently. Whatever the thoughts of yours, it is impossible to deny the significant of Golf in Vietnam’s evolution in the recent years.


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