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Phu Quoc Island for Wonderful Golf and Beach Vacation


    Phu Quoc is the Hawaii of Vietnam. The local highlights always include Pearl industry, picturesque seascape, and wonderful entertainment in Phu Quoc golf course and Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. Also, seafood cuisine is just perfect in Phu Quoc Island.


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    Phu Quoc Geology


    Phu Quoc Island is a part of Kien Giang Province which is around 250km from Ho Chi Minh City. The island is set in the Gulf of Thailand, with a distance of 25km from Ha Tien. You can get to Phu Quoc by road and boat, or by air.


    Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc


    The valuable picture of Vinpearl Land includes a star of Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc. This beautiful stroke is a 27-hole golf course that looks fascinating in the tropical paradise. The designer of this game masterpiece is IMG Worldwide. It has the entire area of more than 100ha, with the challenging bunkers, Seashore Paspalum grass fairways, the green forest, and untouched beaches. The “green pearl” offer the truly relaxing moments. Then, sightseeing the perfect blend of mountain, forest, and ocean! Golf in Phu Quoc even gives you a vacation of a lifetime. If being ready to show off your favorite game skill, experience what Phu Quoc Golf is.


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    Phu Quoc Tourist Attractions


    Phu Quoc National Park protects the rich flora and fauna of the Southern Vietnam. It received the title of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010. Getting there, you see Phu Quoc dogs, primeval forest, exotic plants, and fresh atmosphere.


    Phu Quoc National Park


    Phu Quoc Prison (Coconut Tree Prison) is where to witness the torturing tools, barbaric punishments, and pictures of real victims from Vietnam-American wartime. The site sounds interesting to some history lovers.


    Sao Beach is famous for the tranquil and gorgeous beauty. The soft sand “carpet” and evergreen forest are the added scores. Some say this is a girl with no make-up.


    Ham Ninh Fishing Village lets you see how the local people dive for pearls, go fishing, sell seafood and handmade souvenirs. The village presents its best in the early morning.


    Vinpearl Land Amusement Park Phu Quoc gives a great boost of recreation, from the outdoor water park to the game center. The night performance of light and music in Amphitheater amazes everybody. Then, you might love to stay in the upscale Resort herein.


    Tranh Waterfall is just as beautiful as a picture of nature. Each detail is charming, from the stream to the rock pool and dense forest. This waterfall is a wonder for ecotourism.


    Tranh Waterfall Phu Quoc


    Golf Course Projects in Phu Quoc


    The Kien Giang authorities suggested adding five Phu Quoc golf courses to the golf development project of Vietnam. Besides the 27-hole Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc, the island has plans to build more four golf courses in the four places: Bai Cua Can, Dong Cay Sao, Bai Sao, and Bai Vong. Those four projects are in progress. By 2030, Phu Quoc will have 5 Golf Courses with the total area of 820 ha.


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    Best Food in Phu Quoc


    Phu Quoc cuisine is seafood-base.The specialties include raw herring salad, Ham Ninh flower crab, grilled Bien Mai scallop sinew, flower crab rice, fried squid with fish, thick noodle soup with mackerel, grilled abalones, and fresh crab blood.


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    Phu Quoc Hotels and Restaurants


    Phu Quoc accommodation is variable. While the prestigious guests decide to rest in the upscale resort of Vinpearl Land complex (relax and golf there excitingly), the others have numerous choices, from bungalow to cottage, hotel, or guesthouse.


    Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort


    Phu Quoc restaurants are plenty along beaches, and all serve the great seafood. The golfers are likely to eat inside Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc. Alternatively, step out to meet the preferable eateries!


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