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Two Eminent Golf Courses In Vung Tau


    Golfing has become the hot trend for people of all age to try and practice in the current years. In the worldwide contexts, Golf is highly regarded as the “expensive” kind of sport that is mostly played by the prosperous men and women who can afford the prices of hiring the Golf Courses in hours. Anyway, it is informed that there are some exclusive Courses featuring the open approach for all Vietnam Golfers right in Vung Tau. The complete pro designs and services in the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip and Vung Tau Paradise Resort secure your ultimate vacation in Vietnam.


    A glimpse of The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip


    Located 80 kilometers southeast of Ho Chi Minh City in Ba Ria, Vung Tau, the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip was designed by Mr. Greg Norman featuring the unique styles and effective geographical layout. Also constructed on the sandy loam soil associated with the natural crawling vegetation, the whole Course is decorated with the everlasting green and fantastic drainage. Due to the influence of the high-sea winds, the golfers have to consider the matters of season to golf appropriately. In some cases, the nature has created various challenges for the competent golfers to overcome and get a win.


    Hence, golfing here inspires the restless interest indeed. Overall, it is estimated that the whole Grand Ho Tram Strip Golf and Resort owns 1 luxury 5-star hotel of 541 rooms, 10 restaurants, and many other entertaining outlets as well as convention centre. In the Town of Ho Tram, the 18-hole Golf Course gives all the precious chances to make the smooth dream of golfing come true while virtually holing the stick to hit the hard ball.


    The good chains of hotels and resorts also add much value to the Golf Course. With no worry about the sense of entertainment and accommodation, the Golfers can take at ease to spend hours golfing and competing with other players. Generally speaking, the core purpose of the Bluffs Ho Tram Strip golf Course is to offer the luxurious and respectful spot for both domestic and foreign golfers to fulfill their golfing interest.


    A Small Talk about Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort


    Evolving the 27-hole design, Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort is regarded as one of the least-played Courses in Vietnam. Remaining various challenges for the Golfers at many different levels, this Resort takes you about 3 hours to drive from Central Saigon. Because of the awkward tests, the inexperienced players somehow find it too peculiar to play in this Course. Instead, it welcomes the experienced and competent Golfers. The area is surrounded by the primitive beaches and the scenic-ocean view, so it attracts the huge number of visitors on the daily basis.


    The travelers come to Vung Tau Paradise mainly for the sea view, refined restaurant, fresh cuisine, ice-cold beer, etc. Nowadays, more and more people visit the Resort for the sense of relaxation in the green space before heading back to Saigon. After golfing, it is stimulated to enjoy walking or sea-bathing in the peaceful and colorful ambiance.


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