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Vietnam Golf Charity Tournament


    Charity Golf Tournaments have been hosted throughout Vietnam for years that help to raise funds for the needy children as well as many other compassionate purposes. It was reported that Saigon Golf Association used to host a Charity Golf Tournament in HCM City in order to create funds of buying equipment for medical centers in Truong Sa Island.


    Meaningfully, money raised at the tournament has offered the wheel chairs for many disabled individuals and provided the surgeries for thousands of sight-impaired children. In addition to constructing the medical centers and primary school in both cities and provinces, Vietnam Golf Charity Tournaments also help to supply the solar-powered electrical system for the DK1 platform in Truong Sa Island. With numerous realistic benefits, this kind of Golf competition embraces the perfect sense of humanity.


    Golf Tournament Raises Big Funds for Charity


    Informatively, the MobiFone Golf Charity Tournament 2014 was celebrated on Long Thanh Golf Resort with participation of 25 golfers that offered the donation of 3 million VND for charity: 200 million VND to Vietnam Fund for Support of Child Patients (VFSCP) and 100 million VND to Golf Development for Vietnamese Children Foundation. The annual tournament operated by MobiFone marked the customers’ loyalty.


    Along with that, it’s mentioned the Charity Dutch Open Annual Golf Tournament in November 21, 2014 at Song Be Golf Club. This is the most premium outdoor business social event right in Vietnam. The tournament goes to support Live & Give and Mai Nha, the school and orphan house run by Dutch. Everybody is encouraged to join in the competition and book the tickets as they are limited.


    More and more children have been benefited by the funds raised by the Golf Charity Tournaments throughout the country. As an illustration, Heartbeat Vietnam has provided the life-saving surgeries for many kids with the congenital heart defects. During the tournaments, the golfers get great chances to enjoy the fun challenges promoted at the standard Golf Courses.


    Thanks to the fantastic prizes and meaningful charity aims, the Golf Charity Tournament attracts hundreds of competent golfers in both domestic and foreign areas. All of the competitors have agreed to make attempts and compete for the charity aims. It is estimated that the whole amount of money raised by the tournament makes the great contribution to the sense of mercy. In most cases, the tournament organizers give the funds to the impaired children who are in dire need of help. Meanwhile, the participants also receive the attractive rewards that urge many golfers to join in the tournaments with devotion and fondness.


    Once the tournaments are finished, the organizers spend the money for the funds of disadvantaged Children as well as the Vietnam Golf Funds for young players. The winners receive the Hold-in-One Prizes associated with the big appreciation by the golf community. The Vietnam Golf Charity Tournament usually occurs within 1 day. Before such the big day, the participants have to practice intensely in the standard Golf Courses out there.


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